Garbanzo Palm Hearts Salad


Happy 4th of July day off .
I figure our rack of NH pork ribs aren’t that unusual, so I have for you a delicious side.
Garbanzo bean, sliced hearts of palm, grated spring turnip ( From Enterprise Farm CSA)
Big scoop of large capers
Fresh Dill
Ground sage
Sea salt
Ground pepper
About 2 oz fresh Blue Cheese dressing from the New Boston Farmers Market.
Toss and Wow!

Ana’s Quick Sangria


As you might have gathered, I’m all about easy pleasures for summer time. I just came up with this and it’s a keeper .
3/4 Wild Berry Zinger Iced Tea (4 tea bags per quart)
1/4 Red wine that has been open or doesn’t cost much.
Shot of Agave Syrup
Big squeeze of lime

Stir well- pour over ice.
Saludos Amigos!

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup


Finished here with a dollop of whole milk yogurt and a drizzle of White Truffle Honey. Truffle Honey is pretty easy to come by if you have a gourmet or specialty cheese store near you. I love it drizzled on a flatbread with caramelized onions, goat cheese and fresh arugula too.
For the soup:
A stick blender is my soup tool of choice all fall/winter.
Also unsweetened coconut milk and Madras Curry Powder are my favorites for this soup. Substitute as you like!
Cut a good size butternut squash in half and remove seeds. Oven to 350*
(you can clean the seeds and spice roast for garnishing the soup if you like)
Line a metal or glass roasting pan with parchment paper to prevent burning of the juices and oil.
Generously coat the inside of the squash with olive oil, enough so that some is dripping into roasting pan.
Toss about 6 cloves of garlic in oil and put in roasting pan also.
Roast until knife easily penetrates solid end of squash; 60-120 minutes if you get a giant squash! Let it cool a few minutes and then peel. Pour juices and oil from pan into soup pot, add your stock of choice. I like to make my own chicken stock and keep it frozen. Start simmering-
Purée with stick blender, add Madras Curry powder and about 2/3 cup coconut milk and purée again. Taste, and then add salt as the Madras Curry often includes salt. More time with the stick blender gives a velvet texture, but some like it more course. Finnish with yogurt and truffle honey right before serving. Sweet and spicy and earthy from the truffle. Yum.

Hello September Dinner



A whole chicken and kolanche squash is roasting in the oven. Cider vinegar braised greens on the stove with super sweet late season, corn on the cob. A lobster pot full of foraged pears is boiling next to them. Tomorrow I’ll make pear cardamon butter. Something about Gigi’s first day of kindergarten today made me want to smell all these things. Autumn is in the air.




I try not to let my family eat cured or processed meats very often, the BLT is the exception. Here is one of many variations we enjoy.
Toasted pepper brioche from Iggy’s Bread- Reduced Sodium Natural Bacon from Whole Foods- Julienne collards and onions, braised in seasoned rice wine vinegar- sliced tomatoes from the garden- My “secret sauce” = Grilled hot Hungarian and green bell peppers( peeled and diced), garlic powder , cumin, touch of Sriracha , mayo and some beef juice that got in with grilled peppers.