I try not to let my family eat cured or processed meats very often, the BLT is the exception. Here is one of many variations we enjoy.
Toasted pepper brioche from Iggy’s Bread- Reduced Sodium Natural Bacon from Whole Foods- Julienne collards and onions, braised in seasoned rice wine vinegar- sliced tomatoes from the garden- My “secret sauce” = Grilled hot Hungarian and green bell peppers( peeled and diced), garlic powder , cumin, touch of Sriracha , mayo and some beef juice that got in with grilled peppers.


Grilled Flatbreads


If you are in the Boston area, or I’ve just heard the Sydney, Australia area: you are in luck.
You have access to some of the best bread in the world. Iggy’s bread, my favorite, also makes a par baked pizza crust that is fantastic. In white or wheat this makes pizza on the grill a dream.
A couple of ones I’ve tried lately:
1. Greek Yogurt as sauce with some cracked pepper and sea salt, fresh pineapple and grilled hot wax hungarian peppers, fresh mozzarella and goat cheese, topped with a sprinkle of sliced basil.
2. Mayo as sauce (don’t laugh), jalapeno slices, grated mozzarella, bacon, and tomato slices fried in bacon fat. Grill until cheese is melting, then make two indents with a spoon and crack to eggs into the indents.
Grill about 7 more minutes and then run a knife through the yolk so it runs over pizza before serving.
Everything is better with bacon, but this flatbread was…oouch so good.