Gluten Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

We had a cool day, and it’s September, so these cookies seem to call to be made. It’s a good thing this recipe ended up making 36 cookies, or else they wouldn’t have lasted a day. Sometimes it’s hard to find peanut flour, but I love it! It’s great for a gluten free coating on fish and chicken too. I made these cookies with, and without the jelly. The plain ones I sprinkled a little corse pink Himalayan Salt, delicious, but everyone liked the PB&J better.
Oven to 350. 12 minutes for the plain and 15 for the jelly filled thumb prints.
2 Cups Raw Cane Sugar
2 Cups Peanut Flour
1 stick of butter (4oz)
1 Tbsp vanilla
3 eggs
Jam–I used the homemade Plum I just made, I make my jam tart and it was a wonderful balance. I recommend homemade or a tart flavor.

Yellow Tomatoes and Lavender Jam

Let the canning begin!
It’s high season for preserving the bounty of my garden and sometimes my neighbors. The tomatoes had a booming year and this jam is wonderfully unique and very tasty with fresh mozzarella or goat cheese.
Chop the tomatoes. Stew and reduce in thick double walled pot. Add about 1/3 the volume of sugar and simmer on low. Add lavender, white pepper, pinch of salt when it’s reached almost jam consistency. Can the usual way.

Egg Salad Season


 With both Passover and Easter this past weekend there is a good chance a lot of you are sitting on an over abundance of hard boiled eggs. Here’s my most recent incarnation of egg salad making use of those leftovers!

 The secret was definitely in the addition of prepared horseradish, dill and scallions.

 We ate as lettuce wraps to lighten it up, since we feasted all weekend. Bon Appetite! 

All about those Rutabaga Fries


This early spring meal was a must to share. I was inspired by all the luscious root vegetables at the Roslindale Winter Market. Golden rutabaga fries are my new favorite food.

Ponzu Glazed Baked Salmon, Roasted Rutabaga Fries, Water Melon radish salsa and avocado. 

  • Peal rutabaga and slice into fry shapes. Toss in olive oil and salt and pepper, coating evenly. Roast at 425 for about 45 minutes until the edges are getting some char.
  • Water Melon radishes peal and julienne into little sticks. Finely dice half a sweet onion. Toss in rice vinegar, evoo and salt and pepper.

Nasturtium Pesto


Oh yes I did! The garden as a whole did ok this year, but the Nasturtium are going gangbusters. It’s been a busy fall but I had to take a minute to share this. It’s delicious and pretty, and would accompany a hard strong cheese just beautifully.
Blend your flowers and some oil and lime juice and see how much you’ve really got, before adding the rest. The flowers look like a lot more when they are whole.
As many Nasturtium as you can gather, others quantities relative to that.
Papita ( raw green pumpkin seeds)
Raw sunflower seeds
Olive oil
Lime juice
A fresh Garlic clove
Pinch of paprika (I like it hot)
I also froze some for a winter treat too!

Left Over Hash

My absolute favorite summer brunch is poached eggs over grill leftovers. Here served with fresh avocado and garden tomatoes. For quick hash par-boil grated potatoes for about 3 minutes in water with salt and cider vinegar.
– warm your cast iron pan with chopped garlic.
– push garlic to the side and turn up heat and add more oil, then toss in drained, par-boiled potato.
– flatten with spatula and wait for some crisping to happen. Turn a few times.
-Add paprika, a hot and smokey one preferably.
– Toss in diced meat and vegetable leftovers. Here I had grilled leaks ( high in natural fructans) corn, summer squash and steak and chicken. Heat until warmed through.

Jerusalem Artichoke Slaw

Jerusalem Artichokes are a vegetable I just seemed to forget about for a while. Years ago in my food co-op days they were all the rage for everything from juicing to roasting like potatoes. I saw some in the store and went for it, as I had also just read an article about how great they are for your gut microbiome. The possibilities for slaw are endless and raw and that’s why I tend to slaw everything .
For today’s :
2 Jerusalem Artichoke (slightly pealed)
3 Carrots
Juice of 1 lime
A thumb of fresh ginger (also grated)
A small bit of finely chopped cilantro
A Tbsp of sesame oil
Sea salt and pepper
It’s really good. I’m excited to try also fennel instead of carrots and add toasted leek and a sherry dressing!