Left Over Hash

My absolute favorite summer brunch is poached eggs over grill leftovers. Here served with fresh avocado and garden tomatoes. For quick hash par-boil grated potatoes for about 3 minutes in water with salt and cider vinegar.
– warm your cast iron pan with chopped garlic.
– push garlic to the side and turn up heat and add more oil, then toss in drained, par-boiled potato.
– flatten with spatula and wait for some crisping to happen. Turn a few times.
-Add paprika, a hot and smokey one preferably.
– Toss in diced meat and vegetable leftovers. Here I had grilled leaks ( high in natural fructans) corn, summer squash and steak and chicken. Heat until warmed through.


Garbanzo Palm Hearts Salad


Happy 4th of July day off .
I figure our rack of NH pork ribs aren’t that unusual, so I have for you a delicious side.
Garbanzo bean, sliced hearts of palm, grated spring turnip ( From Enterprise Farm CSA)
Big scoop of large capers
Fresh Dill
Ground sage
Sea salt
Ground pepper
About 2 oz fresh Blue Cheese dressing from the New Boston Farmers Market.
Toss and Wow!

Autumn Grilled Lamb Roast

The end of the season BBQ is bitter sweet. Bitter because we love to cook outside, but not so much when it’s not comfortable. Sweet because we go back to long slow charcoal projects. The heat of summer makes us want to cook quick things on the gas grill.
I took the last of the half lamb we bought from Pygarus Farm in New Boston, NH out of the chest freezer and gave it a good rub down. If you want my rub and details about “indirect heat charcoal grilling” , see the post; “Where the Buffalo Roam”.
This was a bone-in shoulder roast and it was done in about an hour, I made a mop of beer, honey, garlic and kalamata olive juice.
This post really honors Food Day, as our whole dinner was from local farms.
We had roasted butternut squash and sweet potato cubes, and braised kale and tomatoes from our Enterprise Farm -Year Round CSA.
Also amazing huge sweet corn from Greaney’s Farm and Ice Cream stand, 114 in South Weare, NH.
Home of the ice cream eating chickens!
The kale was braised with caramelized onions and diced tomatoes, beer, diced kalamata olives and also some of the same potion I used for the mop.
Our Enterprise Farm share had contained a bunch of lovely leeks which inspired what I made with the leftovers. I’ll get to that in my next post.



Where the Buffalo Roam

The buffalo do roam in Warner, NH. The Yankee Farmer’s Market at Brian and Keira Farmer’s ( yes really) buffalo ranch is one of our favorite stops to make up here. Stocking up for this holiday week we decided to do some slow BBQ back ribs. The buffalo ribs are huge, making us feel a but like cave folks.
2.5 hours on a low charcoal with a water pan in the coals was perfect for this leaner meat. I did a dry rub in the morning of hot Hungarian paprika, cumin, black pepper, brown sugar, sea salt .
Then made a “mop” to put on the last 30 minutes of cooking and serve on the side.
Simmered on low for about an hour:
1/2 cup Jameson Whiskey
1/4 cup brown mustard
Splash cider vinegar
Two spoons of brown sugar
Splash if canola oil
A few shakes of Worcester
A few shakes Tabasco

Grilled Flatbreads


If you are in the Boston area, or I’ve just heard the Sydney, Australia area: you are in luck.
You have access to some of the best bread in the world. Iggy’s bread, my favorite, also makes a par baked pizza crust that is fantastic. In white or wheat this makes pizza on the grill a dream.
A couple of ones I’ve tried lately:
1. Greek Yogurt as sauce with some cracked pepper and sea salt, fresh pineapple and grilled hot wax hungarian peppers, fresh mozzarella and goat cheese, topped with a sprinkle of sliced basil.
2. Mayo as sauce (don’t laugh), jalapeno slices, grated mozzarella, bacon, and tomato slices fried in bacon fat. Grill until cheese is melting, then make two indents with a spoon and crack to eggs into the indents.
Grill about 7 more minutes and then run a knife through the yolk so it runs over pizza before serving.
Everything is better with bacon, but this flatbread was…oouch so good.