Autumn Grilled Lamb Roast

The end of the season BBQ is bitter sweet. Bitter because we love to cook outside, but not so much when it’s not comfortable. Sweet because we go back to long slow charcoal projects. The heat of summer makes us want to cook quick things on the gas grill.
I took the last of the half lamb we bought from Pygarus Farm in New Boston, NH out of the chest freezer and gave it a good rub down. If you want my rub and details about “indirect heat charcoal grilling” , see the post; “Where the Buffalo Roam”.
This was a bone-in shoulder roast and it was done in about an hour, I made a mop of beer, honey, garlic and kalamata olive juice.
This post really honors Food Day, as our whole dinner was from local farms.
We had roasted butternut squash and sweet potato cubes, and braised kale and tomatoes from our Enterprise Farm -Year Round CSA.
Also amazing huge sweet corn from Greaney’s Farm and Ice Cream stand, 114 in South Weare, NH.
Home of the ice cream eating chickens!
The kale was braised with caramelized onions and diced tomatoes, beer, diced kalamata olives and also some of the same potion I used for the mop.
Our Enterprise Farm share had contained a bunch of lovely leeks which inspired what I made with the leftovers. I’ll get to that in my next post.




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