Lamb and Leek Corn Chowder

Lamb Stock, ummm lamb stock. The wonderful byproduct of a rich and special meal.
For this wonderful soup of leftovers I cut the kernels off the cobs of grilled corn and set it aside. We had 6 cobs left because everyone was so full they couldn’t even touch the corn. Then the cobs and shoulder bones went into a 8 quart pot with water, bay leaf and a little salt. There they simmered for several hours until any remaining meat had totally left the bone.
While that warmed the house with wonderful aromas, I browned some mirepoix. (equal parts diced carrots, celery and onion) Set that aside and then diced and sautéed my leeks. It was the beautiful bunch of leeks that came in my Enterprise Farm CSA, that inspired this recipe.
After straining my stock, I threw in about 1/3 of the reserved corn kernels, the mirepoix, a few pealed and cubed potatoes and a few cloves of smashed garlic, simmered till potatoes cooked through. The stick blender went to work making a beautiful purée and the reserved corn kernel and leeks went in. I finished with milk, but use cream if you like for a rich treat. Salt and cracked pepper at the end.


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