Where the Buffalo Roam

The buffalo do roam in Warner, NH. The Yankee Farmer’s Market at Brian and Keira Farmer’s ( yes really) buffalo ranch is one of our favorite stops to make up here. Stocking up for this holiday week we decided to do some slow BBQ back ribs. The buffalo ribs are huge, making us feel a but like cave folks.
2.5 hours on a low charcoal with a water pan in the coals was perfect for this leaner meat. I did a dry rub in the morning of hot Hungarian paprika, cumin, black pepper, brown sugar, sea salt .
Then made a “mop” to put on the last 30 minutes of cooking and serve on the side.
Simmered on low for about an hour:
1/2 cup Jameson Whiskey
1/4 cup brown mustard
Splash cider vinegar
Two spoons of brown sugar
Splash if canola oil
A few shakes of Worcester
A few shakes Tabasco