Nasturtium Pesto


Oh yes I did! The garden as a whole did ok this year, but the Nasturtium are going gangbusters. It’s been a busy fall but I had to take a minute to share this. It’s delicious and pretty, and would accompany a hard strong cheese just beautifully.
Blend your flowers and some oil and lime juice and see how much you’ve really got, before adding the rest. The flowers look like a lot more when they are whole.
As many Nasturtium as you can gather, others quantities relative to that.
Papita ( raw green pumpkin seeds)
Raw sunflower seeds
Olive oil
Lime juice
A fresh Garlic clove
Pinch of paprika (I like it hot)
I also froze some for a winter treat too!


The Last Peppers

I just harvested the last of my garden, which included assorted hot peppers. To save for later use I halved and seeded, then tossed generously in olive oil and sea salt. On parchment, in the oven for one and a half hours at 200, they curled up and mellowed out their heat. I packed them in a recycled jar, topped off with more olive oil. They’ll be great tossed in pasta or sliced on a flatbread. I love having the taste of my garden to enjoy all winter long.