Blueberry Picking.



Here is our almost 8lbs of blue booty. Everyone pitched in to gather this many yesterday. The heatwave should subside later in the week and there’ll be pie! You really can’t beat the America’s Test Kitchen recipe, it’s on their website. I’ll use their no fail Vodka crust recipe as well, but sub in 1 cup of Barley Flour for the awesome texture. for great unusual and small milled flours.
The rest of the berries go into the chest freezer for cooler days when we’ll make jam. Don’t let anyone fool you into jam kits. One less cup sugar per cups of fruit is all I do, or less if the fruit is good and sweet. You just have to boil it down a good long time in a decent double walled pot. Put fruit and sugar in the pot, bring to boil, simmer on low. Put a small plate in the freezer, you know your jam is done when you put a little on the fozen plate and tip it. If it’s real runny keep simmering. Small batches can just go into recycled glass jars in the fridge. If your going for a big batch like this, you do want to go through the whole canning process, so they’ll keep in the pantry.
Don’t be intimidated by getting into canning. Fruit us actually very easy.


Solving your mint problems



We had a poster of Woodchucks eating dandelions in my kitchen growing up. The caption read, ” learn to eat your problems for breakfast” it left a mark on me and I’ve always tried to do just that. When my community garden plot was being taken over by mint- I took home like a bushel and made mint pesto. Use any pesto recipe if your need ratios, I made a ton because it freezes well. In my food processor :
Fresh squeezed lemon juice ( a little more then for basil pesto)
Olive oil
1/2 Sunflower seeds
1/2 Papita ( raw pumpkin seeds)
Really just taste as you go but so good with goat cheese, as a spread or on flatbead grilled!
Seen here on whole wheat pasta, Kalamata olives, steam broccoli , sheep feta.